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February 11, 12 and 13, 2022

Congress 2022

hpa flying machine

100% dematerialized congress

Open to the public

DaSH HPA engine
DaSH in flight – © Alec Proudfoot 2021
Human-powered aircraft & vehicles

Experience the exchanges on muscle-powered vehicles

For one month between February and March 2022, an international event on human (or muscle) powered aircraft and vehicles will be accessible remotely. On this occasion, the second edition of the International Congress on Muscle-Propelled Aircraft and Vehicles will be organized by the Human Impulse team (Evering Institute/University of Bordeaux). Due to the health crisis, it will take place on the internet in 3D and the conferences broadcast live and then accessible in streaming for 3 weeks.

Take part in the HUMAN IMPULSE adventure…

Conferences presentation of results

A results presentation presents completed research/design/manufacturing work and/or validated results and/or experiments and/or adventure stories.

Positioning papers

A position paper presents a defensible opinion on an issue.

The purpose of a position paper is to convince the audience that your opinion is valid and worth hearing, without the need to present completed research and/or validated results.

Contribution Panel "Poster"

According to the proposed format, a “poster” structured like an exhibition panel will be presented in the virtual room dedicated to your theme with a link to contact you.

Main themes of the conferences

Human-powered transport

New experiences, technological engineering, databases… human-powered transport is a source of technical progress.

New materials for HPV

The physics of materials is constantly progressing, giving rise to materials combining lightness and mechanical resistance.

Competitions & Challenges

Share your adventures, engage with us in the competition in the exciting field of human-powered aircraft…

Human-powered land vehicles

Share your design experiences and challenges. Discuss progress on other human-powered devices…

Human-powered marine vehicles

Share your design experiences and challenges. Discuss progress on other human-powered devices…

Human-powered aircraft

Share your design experiences and challenges. Discuss progress on other human-powered devices…

Energy autonomy

Energy autonomy is more than ever one of the priority research fields for the decades to come.

Energetic efficiency

Maximizing energy yields and/or reducing losses remains a field of expertise allowing progress.

University projects

Stay informed about other university projects and exchange with other students and researchers around the world.
Logos partenaires

Call for presentations, articles, posters & demonstrations

At the end of the congress, a book (proceeding) will be published with the articles of the voluntary participants who will propose their contribution to one of the scientific committees (sciences, applied engineering, schools or universities, etc.). This book may be freely available.

If you have a 3D digital model of your device, it can be displayed in the main room in 3D so that visitors can discover it.

We hope to be able to count you among the speakers of this event.

To propose a presentation: Title of the intervention and abstract.
Your submissions are expected until January 15, 2022.
A selection notification will be sent to you between December 15 and January 20, one week after submission.

Same calendar for those who would like to submit a “poster” presented in the form of an exhibition panel (pdf format).

You can submit your title and a 2-3 line abstract, or ask your questions by email directly to:


From this new edition, a permanent interactive 3D showroom will remain in place.

Specific slots will allow you to exhibit the 3D models of your prototype all year round. You just have to send us CAD files in STEP format.

Same way if you wish to present an “exhibition panel” in this new dematerialized space open to all.

Featured designers

Alec Proudfoot is the director of the DaSH human-powered aircraft project.

He was the engineer of Google Inc. which launched the RechargeIT plug-in vehicle project.

At AeroVironment, he was a member of the engineering team that created the GM Impact prototype. The Impact went into production as the GM EV1, the first modern high-powered AC induction electric vehicle and it is the granddaddy of all modern electric vehicles like the Tesla, Leaf and Volt.

Alec Proudfoot

DaSH Conceptor

Paul was an American engineer specializing in aeronautics, founder in 1971 of the firm AeroVironment and the designer of the human-powered aircraft that won the first Kremer Prize.
In 1956 he won the title of international gliding champion.
He designs HPAs such as the Gossamer Condor, the first human-powered aircraft to win the Kremer Prize in 1977, and the Gossamer Albatross, the first to cross the English Channel in 2 hours and 49 minutes in 1979.
He is considered one of the fathers of modern HPA engineering.
Paul B. MacCready, Jr. [1925 - 2007]

Engineer, AeroVironment


It’s not too late to register. Do not hesitate !

The deadline for submitting a “poster” or a presentation that will be the subject of a conference or workshop is January 15, 2022.

However, registrations remain free and open to the general public until the last moment if you wish to participate as a “simple spectator”.

Register quickly to have access to all the activities offered, as well as your VIP access to the interactive real-time 3D lobby in which the HPA and DaSH machines will be presented in 3D as well as numerous media and documents on the machines at human muscle propulsion.